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100% Pure Donegal wool handwoven picnic blanket.

This listing is for a vibrant multi coloured yarn weft wove across a blue/brown mix warp.

Dry clean or cool gentle hand wash only.

Our cosy blankets and throws measure approximately 142cm x 120cm incl fringing.

All our items are handwoven by us with 100% Irish Wool, using raw materials from local suppliers and Donegal Yarns.

Pure woollen products are renowned for their durability. They withstand the test of time and retain their beauty even with frequent use.

By investing in ‘Born In A Field’ you are becoming he owner of an heirloom.Wrap yourself in the warmth and beauty of natural 100% pure woollen products. These heirloom treasures are not just off the peg, they are completely hand warped, woven and knotted in Ireland in the age old way to hold onto our heritage in traditional skills, sustainability, and the joy of gift-giving. We only make one offs - no two pieces are identical.

We do not use machinery for any part of our production but instead opt to revive our age old heritage traditions as carried out for centuries throughout Ireland.

Hand woven Twill Picnic Blanket

  • Made entirely from100% pure wool by Donegal Yarns.

    Gentle cool hand wash, max 30 degrees with no agitation, reshape whilst damp or preferably dry clean only.

    Pure wool blankets last a lifetime if looked after well so regular washing is not necessary.

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