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Behind 'born in a field'

Inspiration & Beyond

It all started from my love of wool and traditional crafts over the years.

I began spinning my own yarn at home in rural Northern Ireland from locally sourced fleece and soon found I needed a way to use up my stash of this handspun wool so along came my first rigid heddle loom and I was hooked,

I since acquired an antique Harris table loom which inspired me to delve deeper into the heritage of weaving tweed in Ireland, then the most amazing opportunity landed when I got the wonderful opportunity to train as a traditional Donegal Weaver under Master Weaver John Heena.

I now weave scarves, lap and hygge blankets and fabric on a traditional floor loom built in Killybegs from which I produce a range of accessories and occasionally offer 1-1 tuition on rigid heddle looms to encourage others to engage in this wonderful skill for both pleasure and benefits to our wellbeing that this rhythmic craft offers in abundance.

Everything created at Born in a Field is produced and packaged in a sustainable manner using locally sourced 100% pure Wool and Alpaca.
All of our tweed is handwoven on a traditional 4 shaft floor loom in the traditional Donegal way.

All fabrics woven are one off, unique heirlooms.

It is important that I support locally produced wool and I try to use undyed bainin in warps where possible. keeping our handweaving heritage alive and producing items that are made to last for generations to come, inspired by the glorious colours of Ireland's beautiful land and seascape.

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